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Fujiyama Mamas

WE'LL MEET THE WOMEN rockabilly artists who rebelled against the traditional female roles of housewives and mothers during the Fifties. World War II brought great changes to American society; women emerged emboldened by their experiences during the war working in defense plants. We’ll profile Cordell Jackson, who toiled as a “Rosie the Riveter” during the war in an aircraft factory before launching her own record label in 1956. We’ll also meet “Little Miss Dynamite,” Brenda Lee; Janis Martin, “The Female Elvis”; and rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson.

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The Rhythm Ranch Gals
The Rhythm Ranch Gals, led by guitarist Ardis Wells, performed in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area in 1956. Known as “The Yodeling Sweetheart,” Wells also played the ukulele, stand-up bass, and accordion. She later became a professional wrestler, winning 21 straight matches. (Publicity Photo)